A prospective multicentre, phase 2b randomised controlled double-blind trial, to determine the safety and efficacy of perispinal etanercept on quality of life at 28 days post treatment (PESTO)

1.     Have you had a stroke (any type) between 1 and 15 years ago?

2.    Were you between the age of 16 and 70 at the time of your stroke (and currently under 71)?

3.    Do you still have a moderate to severe disability following your stroke?


If yes to the questions above, you may be eligible to be part of the PESTO trial.

The PESTO trial is looking at whether or not a drug called etanercept (which is commonly used to treat other illnesses), is effective in helping relieve some symptoms of stroke. ·       

What would be involved?

If you are eligible for the study and would like to participate, you will undergo some baseline assessments and receive an injection of etanercept or a placebo injection. 

·       You will then visit the clinic at the hospital for follow up assessments after 28 days.

You will have another injection at this visit and then return to the clinic after 56 days.  

·       You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires at each visit.


The PESTO trial has stopped recruiting as of Friday 22/9/2023.

The trial is registered as ACTRN12620001011976